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Described by Rolling Stone as a “boundary-pushing blend of black metal, shoegaze and post-rock”, Californian post-metal five-piece Deafheaven combine screamo vocals and pounding drums with surprisingly melodic guitars to mesmerising effect. Following on from their critically acclaimed 2018 album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, which featured the Grammy-nominated single Honeycomb, the band’s China tour promises to be something very special indeed.

While their 2011 debut Roads To Judah got them noticed, it was 2013’s gigantic Sunbather that earned them their legacy. The group took the raw energy of black metal and combined it with the beautiful crescendos and atmosphere found in post rock and shoegaze, creating a record that could only be properly described as a nightmare disguised as a dream. Love or hate them, you can’t deny the massive impact this band has had on metal as a whole.

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