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We Lost The Sea are a progressive post-rock band from Sydney Australia. Crushing guitar noise with post-rock atmospherics and melody from a large, dimly lit space. They released their second record 'The Quietest Place on Earth' in 2015, to acclaim from both fans and critics alike at home and internationally, making best album lists of 2012 above bands like Converge and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and best sellers on Bandcamp.


2015 sees the band back releasing their third LP ‘ Departure Songs’. This record will be a slight shift away from their old dynamic, not so unintentional as maturing in sound, and the most personally experimental and emotional so far. “It’s an eye opener of sorts for fans wanting a continuation of music. For those just learning about this wonderful band, it’s accessible, enjoyable and has a lasting value to outweigh all others” - The Sonic Sensory

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