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It all started in Gothenburg, Sweden back in 2003; the embryo of EF was already active but this was the year that it all went towards a new direction. New members came into the group and the sound was totally reformed. The following years it all went pretty quick; besides four self recorded demos, one 7” single, one remix CD EP and two full length albums (“Give me beauty… Or give me death!” – 2006 and “I am responsible” – 2008) they accomplished 10 full European tours, numerous festival shows and weekend adventures.

EF released their critically acclaimed third album “Mourning golden morning” in 2010.This album displayed a great deal of progression,it was critically acclaimed by media all over the globe. The band supported the release with extensive touring throughout Europe and Asia. The experience and confidence gained from 16 (!) tours to date has made the band become an explosive, energetic and extremely tight live band, and they released fourth albumsCeremonies in 2013.EF showed the world that the DIY-motto is possible , we have no delusions of grandeur when we say that these tunes are going to be groundbreaking for the band.

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