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After the breakup of her previous band, the Munich-based L.B. Page in 1998, vocalist Valerie Trebeljahr formed the German-based experimental electro-pop group, Lali Puna. Although Lali Puna was originally intended to be a solo project, Trebeljahr recorded the debut LP, Snooze, with the help of Notwist guitarist Markus Acher and a four-track recorder. A few months later, drummer Christoph Brandner (of the Tied & Tickled Trio) and keyboardist Florian Zimmer joined the outfit. Both musicians appeared on ali Punas single, Safe Side, and the 1999 full-length release (Morr Music), Tridecorder. They released their first 7 on the Reihenhausmusik series from the high-profile Hausmusic label in 1998 and performed at the Jimmy Gimme More festival in Munchen, Germany, later that same year. A pair of excellent full-lengths for Morr — 2001s Scary World Theory and 2004s Faking the Books — followed. In 2005, they released a compilation titled I Thought I Was Over That.

 Lali Puna are presenting their fifth studio album: Two Windows, taking their cues from a brand of music spearheaded by the likes of Caribou and Mount Kimble. Two Windows sounds lush and focused, balancing the emotional qualities ofsongwriting with energetic rhythms. Being one of Europe's biggest indie-tronica bands Lali Puna has won the heart of many people and has been cited by Radiohead's Colin Greenwood as his favourite band of all time.

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