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New Noise proudly presents a China tour for Britain’s finest purveyors of modern instrumental rock music: Yndi Halda . This June  the band will present their long awaited album “Under Summer” in six cities over China. Eight-years on from their highly acclaimed album “Enjoy EternalBliss”,  Brighton based quintet Yndi Halda comes back stronger than ever with their new record “Under Summer”. Having toured across the UK,Europe,USA and Asia, Yndi Halda’s fervent and nominally patient fan base have  been eagerly awaiting this new material. For those who were previously enthralled by the bands revered string-heavy and densely layered flavour of instrumental music, there are seemingly endless new aural delectations to unearth and embrace in the bands intense new effort. Their music is at once subtle and joyous, hittinghuge emotional peaks around moments of serene gentleness and heart-breaking sadness in its orchestration of sonorous  guitar interlacing, meticulously crafted string  arrangements and - now- soaring vocal harmonies.

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